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CSQA, Certification for Food

CSQA is an accredited certification body specializing in food safety certifications and ISO standards. In addition, CSQA has controlled Italian DOP and IGP products for more than 20 years. Today, CSQA certification works with thousands of clients in 18 countries, including seven locations in Italy and three in Europe.

CSQA certification food inspection activities range from quality management to product systems (GSFS, IFS, QS, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and others) to sustainability standards (GlobalGap, LCA-EPD, Carbon Footprint, UTZ, Friend of the SEA, etc.) Through its training center, CSQA certification provides food companies and professionals an amazing bundle of knowledge and know-how accumulated over decades of activity.

CSQA certification for food includes hygiene, safety, traceability, supply chains, meat labelling, health and safety, the environment, energy, green claims assessment, information security and business continuity. Experience and organisational structure, together with its network of collaborators and partnerships allows for operations at the European and global level. CSQA is also member of the world's largest entity of certification bodies, IQNet.